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Veterinary Station Kragujvet Ltd. 

  • Veterinary Station Kragujvet founded in 2006. The station was formed by the merger of veterinary clinics 'Cerovac' founded Zoric Milos and 'vet' the Čumić founded by Damian Srejić. Ivanov and his colleague Ivica create initial conditions for the emergence of cells.
  • The original location of cells was in the village in a rented house Cumic. In the first years of undergoing a difficult time competing with the problems on the ground and injustice, politics, corrupt system at all levels of old-fashioned value system, the old and bad habits of customers ... Nonetheless cells grow and develop. 
  • Assignment of the program measures the Ministry of Agriculture acquired the conditions for normal operation. Customers are no longer blackmailed the measures that had previously been in the hands of competitors
  • Encounter new problems that are struggling - Free insemination of cows, when barely manage to survive but only thanks to the work and quality. People have managed to recognize the quality of service and genetics that are offered. Thanks to many good people and friends Kragujvet manages to survive and not only that but to become a great and serious station worthy of attention. 
  • Now operates in two newly built and dedicated to the building of the station in Čumić and in the outpatient clinic in Cerovac.
  • The program covers measures village Cumic, Cerovac, Lužnice, Upper JARUŠICA, Vojinovac, Little Krcmar, Vlakča, Kotraža, Masloševo, Stragari, Ljubicevac, Ramaca and Ugljarevac.







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